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Next Hybrid Council Meeting - Annual Meeting - Wednesday 13th July 2022. The physical venue will be the Community Library, Gadlys Lane, Bagillt, CH6 6EQ and should you wish to attend virtually via Zoom, please email or telephone the Clerk to request the meeting ID at least three working days prior to the meeting. - 7pm

1. APOLOGIES 2. PUBLIC ENQUIRY ITEM In accordance with the agreed criteria (copies will be available at the meeting) any member of the public present can ask a question or make comment on any agenda item. 3. NEW COMMUNITY COUNCILLORS To welcome the new Community Councillors, Councillor B. Gittins, East Ward, J. Humphreys, West Ward and Mrs. Y. Rush, West Ward. 4. DECLARATION OF INTERESTS To receive any declarations of interest from Members. 5. STREETSCENE BAGILLT Mr. T. Cartwright, Streetscene supervisor will be in attendance to update Members on issues since he last attended. 6. BAGILLT BOWLING CLUB To report any updates. 7. POLICING MATTERS To report any issues which the Clerk can email to the PSCO. 8. MINUTES To confirm as a correct record the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 8th June 2022 and the Special Meeting held on 15th June 2022. Copy attached. 9. CHAIRMAN’S COMMUNICATIONS To receive the Chairman’s communications. 10. REPORTS BY REPRESENTATIVES & COUNTY COUNCILLORS To receive any reports by representatives. 11. PLANNING APPLICATIONS Applications Received for consideration. The plans can be viewed on Flintshire CC website. App No Location Detail COU/000124/22 Wynne Williams Properties Ltd. Cambrian Works, Station Road, Bagillt, CH6 6AF Change of use from former food processing facility and vehicle parking over to self-storage site, caravan storage and civil engineering business, associated office and new vehicular access. AGN/000005/22 Coed Llwybr-Y-Bi, Old Bagillt Road, Holywell, CH6 6ER Prior notification for agricultural building 12. ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT To approve the accounts for payment. A copy of the accounts will be circulated at the meeting. 13. FINANCIAL INFORMATION The Budget Monitoring report and Bank Reconciliation statement for the first quarter to 30th June is attached and as per Financial Regulations, a supplier data check will be undertaken. 14. ANNUAL REPORT To approve to the Council’s Annual Report. Copy attached. 15. COMMUNITY AWARDS The Clerk will report to the Meeting details of the pupils who will receive the award from the Chairman before the summer term ends. 16. PLAYSCHEME 2022 The Clerk to report information received information from Mrs. J. Roberts, Flintshire Play Development Officer. 17. LAMP POST POPPIES Councillor R. Davies to report. 18. COSTAL FOOTPATH Councillor A. Griffiths to report. 19. VILLAGE PLANTERS Councillor Miss. T. Strong to report. 20. SCHOOL COUNCIL Councillor Miss. T. Strong to report. 21. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS To consider information and quotations for additional Christmas lights in the village. 22. COLLIERY BUILDING Councillor B. T. Doleman to report. 23. AUTHORITY FOR ACTION DURING RECCESS PERIOD In accordance with established practice to authorise the Chairman and Vice Chairman with powers to act on matters of an urgent nature during the recess period excluding planning applications which will involve consultation with all Ward Members. 24. CORRESPONDENCE & CLERKS REPORT The Clerk to report correspondence received, if any and update Council on previous matters arising from the last meeting. Report attached. 25. UREGENT WARD MATTERS & FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS Matters in the ward that require urgent consideration which prior notice must be given to the Clerk or the Chairman before the meeting commences.

Bagillt Community Council meetings and minutes

The Bagillt Community Council usually meets on the second Wednesday in the month at 7.00pm in the Community Library, Gadlys Lane except for August and December. Public are welcome to attend and agendas are provided and have an opportunity at the start to speak on any agenda item subject to conditions, except at the Annual and Special meetings. Signed Minutes of meetings from April 1985 to May 2015 for public perusal are held at the County Records Office in Hawarden. The Council website has them from May 2006 and from January 2012 copies of those from the previous month will be available at the Bagillt, Flint and Holywell libraries.

Neighbourhood Police Meetings - Bagillt

PCSO Tom Hulse is the dedicated local officer in the village. Due to operational demands the Bagillt Community Neighbour Meetings will no longer be held at a pre-arranged time and date, however the local PCSO will still be attending the library when possible to hold surgeries and the PCSO will post Police attendance on Social media and a signed will be placed outside the Community Library. All residence will be welcome to attend.